Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Runaway Train

Busy, busy, rush, rush, and not because of the holidays!  Then why you ask?  I don't know the answer to that, but I feel as if I am on a runaway train and instead of a fiscal cliff to run off of, I am going to run off of the sanity cliff!  Sorry, bad political joke!!!

Really, I have just been going from here to there and I feel as if I am getting very little done!  So, here I sit this evening with my laptop quietly humming on my lap, keeping my legs toasty warm, while Matt sits in his recliner, quietly looking at a magazine, no kids, no TV (what, he just turned it on as I typed that, not kidding!!!), so now the hunting channel in the background...anyway, reflecting on the business of life, as a train whistle blows in town....what a strange coincidence! Though the song does not fit, a line from it does...""Flashing red lights unseen in the rain, this thing has turned into a runaway train!"-credit to Roseanne Cash, "Runaway Train". I can remember this song and her haunting voice from when I was a kid, it just seemed to draw you in and wrap around you and I am not sure why, but as I wrote the title of my blog tonight, I could hear the song in my head...Mom...did we have this on a tape in the early 90's????   Check it out on You Tube if you are curious....anyway, nice tangent huh?

I haven't been doing anything extra, in fact, my quilt, book study, blog, and a few other things I enjoy as down time, have been put on the back burner.  It is just the normal everyday things, that just seem to not get done and have turned into a runaway train.  You probably have the same issues!!!   You get the laundry all done and you open the door to your laundry room and behold there is a new mountain....huh? pick up the clothes, expecting them to be the neighbors or a mirage, but they aren't, they are yours, your spouses, your they multiply?  YES!!!  I will tame that mountain one day, but as of now, I am running off of that cliff too!!  Same with dishes, in fact just this evening it happened again....the dishwasher was loaded with dirty and the sink was all clean, 10 minutes later there is a cup, some silverware and an empty yogurt container in the sink, instead of the dishwasher....AHHHHH....that is a scream-able moment! Where, how, why?????? is all I can think!

Don't misunderstand, I am not complaining!  Ranting yes, complaining no!  I know that I chose to be a stay at home mom and wife, and while on a some days I would trade it for some time alone, even if that meant an office with other work, MORE days than not, I am very thankful for the opportunity my husband provides for me, to be able to stay at home!  But occasionally, I wonder where are my priorities?  Where have I gone?  Am I doing the best for my family, because I really do feel like I am on a runaway train, and I really just wish I had a magic wand to say "POOF"and all the mundane things would be done, so I could do more with my kids, so they wouldn't argue with each other more, so I could spend more time with my hubbie, so I could nurture myself with a little me time....better yet, maybe an "EASY" button! But I don' I am trying to reflect on what is important and what I want to spend my time on.

Easy, I want to spend my time with my kids, my hubbie and my hobbies, because these things are a great investment and when I spend my time there, I see how much God has given me and I can just be drawn into Him and He can wrap His arms around me and love me like only He can do! Then and only then will the train begin to slow and be a gentle journey on which I can truly take in the scenery and travel across the bridge to happiness and keeping my sanity, instead of falling off the cliff!

I know that all that other stuff will still be there, but when I invest my time in my priorities, then I know that God will make me content and more productive in the mundane.  I know he will allow me to rest in Him and in my good life, with my great (yet still arguing and picking on each other) kids, my wonderful husband and the happiness that comes with them and my time!

So, if you feel you are on a runaway train....think about your priorities and get rid of those flashing red lights!

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  1. Yep............been there, done that, and still doing that. No, I don't remember having RunAway Train in the house.....must have been on the radio. Life is busy, especially when you have a young family, although I have to say that I stay pretty busy at my age with my grand children. Love, MOM