Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Set Free Weekley?

Welcome to Set Free Weekley...

So, why the weird spelling on Weekley, those who don't know me, you ask? Well, that is my last name!  Sorry, hard to remember because it is different, but maybe it will make you remember me!! This first post, I am going to just introduce myself and what my hopes for my blog will be!

Born August 28, 1981 and named Vanessa Renee Hutchinson....which everytime I think about, I think wow, wonder what life would have been like to live as a Vanessa....hmm.... No offense to Vanessa's out there, but to me the name screams dumb blonde, you know the kind.  Uh, like hi, my name is Vanessa, and like I like to, um.... Okay, so maybe not, but I think God had bigger and better plans than a dumb blonde for little Vanessa Renee.  He accomplished those plans through first, I later became a brunette!  Second, but most important, He placed me in the loving arms of my adopted but FOREVER family, the Smith's.  Luckily, my name became Rachel Jillian Smith, and to me that name has no screaming stereotypes!!! I went from foster care, to a loving home with a mom, Marilyn, a dad, Marvin, and a brother, Jason.  That is when Jesus first set me free, are you getting a glimpse into the blog title now?  Set Free Weekley....

Not only will this blog be about my new life in a new home, but a new life through Jesus, and a new life as a wife, mother, stay at home mom, lover of music, quilter, Zumba instructor, etc.  Each and every week (actually second, minute, hour, day! thank you Jesus!) I am set free from the junk of my life and this world, and this blog is going to just be the daily (if I make it to the computer that often) happenings in my life.  A place to share my inspiration, divine and otherwise, my struggles, my creations, my life!

So, Set Free Weekley.... because this Weekley is set free through Christ Jesus and is working to live that free life to the best of her ability!  I am constantly praying for God to work in me and through me, bring me wisdom, patience, understanding, and to help me grow.  Not just in the spiritual, but in everything, my motherhood, my wifehood (is that a word?), my womanhood. Join me as I grow and share and ramble!  Enjoy and may God bless you in some special way today and weekley(couldn't resist!!)

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  1. How changed my life too. I don't know what I would do without you and Jason and your wonderful families. Mom