Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of THOSE Days!

If you are a parent, you don't even need me to say anymore, right? You have probably more often than you would like to admit, had one of THOSE days. Now, THOSE days can look different for everyone, and I guess really, even those who are not blessed enough yet to be parents or who are now grandparents, can say they have had one of THOSE days. However, mine is specifically of the parenting it? I knew I didn't even have to ask!

Really, is there research out there that backs me and probably every other mom, teacher, or care provider of young children, when I/we say that the FULL MOON equals one of THOSE days?

There has to be, I will begin the validation sometime in the future when I have time...ok or not, I am just going to go with my gut validation on this one!

FULL MOON equals one, and quite possibly more, of THOSE DAYS!

Why? I don't know, but I do believe that if God wanted me to be the best parent that I can be, then He should have either done away with this FULL MOON stuff, or given every mom on the planet a surge of patience and energy with the FULL MOON, so we could avoid THOSE days, or at least get through them without having to need a glass of wine at the end of the day(I was out, ugh!)!!!

It starts at sunup and sometimes the evening before!! It doesn't end until the mysterious "moon" high, which is like the worst sugar high ever, has drained from their systems. It leaves children more emotional than a woman watching "Dear John" or "You've Got Mail" while Aunt Flo is visiting and she forgot to refill her happy pills at the pharmacy!!! It also gives them endless amounts of energy, no more Little Engine that Could, we are in full locomotive runaway train mode...hmmm(didn't I have a post about a Runaway Train, I am sensing a trend!!!) It makes them defiant to everything and everyone, bossy, mouthy, unable to be bribed or disciplined into fear, loud and just plain THOSE kids!!!

Have you ever had one of THOSE days with your kids? Who am I kidding, right, you had that today!!! BECAUSE it was a FULL MOON tonight!!!

Okay, well in all seriousness, it really was one of THOSE days in my house. I actually think that it was made worse by Christmas this week, and the desire to play with every toy and each others' toys, and the fact that our television was not working for the first 3 hours that we were awake this morning....which is never a good thing!!! Why is a non functioning television not a good thing you can be an instant cure for all problems for at least a half an hour, which gives this mom(and every other non super mom out there) a break during one of THOSE days!

Really though, I do believe that I did a better than average job of handling the constant squabbles, meltdowns, emotional overloads, and bossy mouths today. How you ask? PRAYER!

I am learning that when I just close my eyes and turn away from THOSE moments, and say a little prayer(not for patience, because I have learned not to pray for that!!) for myself and my attitude in handling the situation, not only does it give me a breather, so I don't blow up or out or any other direction, but it also helps me seek the Lords help and that is the only way that I can properly handle my children!!!

With the studying and blogging about Shepherding A Child's Heart, I have also realized that while I need to be concentrating on their heart, since it is the wellspring of life, and how it affects their behavior, I as a mother need to do the same examination of my heart. Why do I react like I do sometimes? Screaming, yelling, giving a little swat? Is that showing my kids the way I want them to react, or the attitude they need to have? NO! If I show them patience, they will learn it. If I show self-control, they will learn it. If I speak softly, they will learn to speak softly, and oh boy do we need to work on this one...not just my kids, but all of us!!! If I discipline out of love and following God's command, they will learn that discipline is necessary and good, and not something to do out of frustration. I have to be the example, not just talk about it. I know, you are probably thinking, duh are just now getting this!?!? Yes, YES, I am!

I am thankful that I am getting it, and that I am handling THOSE days better. I really could do without THOSE days, but maybe it is my fire drill of life! Keeps me ready and alert for anything! It keeps me checking my heart, my attitude, my reactions! Thank you Lord for making the heart our wellspring of life, because that means that I will get through THOSE days, because I love You and my children! Thank you for helping us when we say that little prayer, in a desperate circumstance on one of THOSE days! And thank you for the blessing of being a parent, even if it means that I have to have THOSE days, Lord, my children are a gift from You and I pray that I would help to shepherd them to be a gift back to You, for Your glory! Amen and goodnight, because it has been one of THOSE days!!

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