Friday, January 4, 2013

Creative Pay It Forward: 13 in 2013

While on FB today, I noticed a lot of people posting that they were doing a creative pay it forward for the year, they needed 5 people to accept and those people would receive a surprise sometime throughout the year, and the only catch was those 5 people had to post the same thing, thus continuing the giving! So, a friend of mine from my childhood and 4-H years, Ashlie, had it on her page, so I said, sure....I am in!!! I love everything that Ashlie makes, does, and writes(check out her blog at, so I knew that this would be great! I cannot wait for my surprise....I love surprises!

Well, that meant that I needed to put the same message, and not that I wanted to one-up anyone or do it better, but I really just didn't want to post the exact same message as the last 15 people, and even more than that, I felt that I should do more than 5. So, I decided that I would do one each I posted that I needed 12 people but I didn't feel right about asking others to join in the catch of the original post, so I changed that up to. I know, why can't I just let good enough alone...well, that is because it is me, I can never make things easy....but I can make them more interesting and fun!!!

So, I asked my 12 people to pay it forward to anyone when they receive their surprise from me this year! It doesn't have to be something handmade from them, like their gift will be from me. I would love if they would pay for someone's gas, coffee, volunteer somewhere, donate blood, help a neighbor, etc. Anything they feel God calling them to help with! My intention in changing the pay it forward, was to bless and allow others to bless, so that we all are sharing the love that Christ has given us by loving on others! I just wanted to do it every month, keeping my mind focused on that giving spirit all year, because this year we will all need to remember His love more and more!!!

Well, people took me up on my offer, and for 2013, my first Creative Pay It Forward year, I actually have 13 lucky people who are going to receive a surprise...I think that it was totally meant to be 13 in 2013....God is great like that!

So, now the fun begins, and as January is moving forward, I must begin to figure out what I shall give these 13 people, to bless them, encourage them, show them God's love in 2013. So that they might in return bless another, or maybe even another 13! I will keep you up to date on the who and what of each month, plus 1! I am so excited about this and I cannot imagine the blessings that I will receive from God in the midst of this too!!! What a Happy NEW Year this will be!

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